Dual Pane Glass Replacement Warranty

We provide a limited manufacturer's warranty on all dual pane glass.

Warranty is valid from the date of install.

Wilson Glass & Screen offers a 10 year warranty on the dual pane glass we install unless otherwise specified.

Any failures of the seal within the first 12 months (1 year to date of install) we will replace the glass without charging for labor. Labor on warranty after 1 year is at the expense of the customer.

Wilson Glass warranties workmanship for the lifetime of the glass. Workmanship warranty is valid only to original homeowner and is not transferrable. Warranty is conditional upon original homeowner maintaining appropriate maintenance including caulking and painting as needed to keep moisture from compromising the seal.

Any changes to the window could void warranty. Please contact us before making any changes to your window.

Window tint and film will void all warranties. Check with your film company before many changes to the window if they will assume the manufacturer warranty. There is no warranty on sloped glazing.

Shower Limited Warranty

Warranty only covers original purchaser and is non-transferrable.

Warranty applies to heavy frameless, semi-frameless and framed showers installed by Wilson Glass & Screen.

Workmanship and hardware warrantied for 1 year from date of installation.

Leakage: covered where glass and/or metal has been installed and caulked. Does not cover leakage around doors. Vinyl seals are offered (and may also be installed) to help keep water inside the shower. Eliminating some seals can provide a cleaner look but may result in water leakage.

Hardware hinges should operate properly.

Metal finish should maintain its color.

Glass does not cover breakage or staining as these issues are beyond our control.

At no expense to original purchasing, Wilson Glass & Screen will replace any defective glass, hardware, sweeps and seals in the 1 year period.

Warranty does not cover any damages due to misuse or improper cleaning. Harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubs should not be used to clean glass or metal. These products cause surface damage and void warranty.


Any fails to the closers or pivots within the first month after installation we will replace at no charge.

We provide a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty on closers or pivots.

Closers and pivots need to be adjusted every 3-4 months. While you can purchase a tool to adjust yourself, this may cause a void to your warranty if not done properly. Wilson Glass & Screen can adjust the closer/pivot for you for $65 service fee to maintain your warranty coverage.

Window Balances are not warranties unless manufacturer defect, any adjustments will be serviced at a minimum $65 service fee.