Mirrors in Lakewood, CA

Mirrors are a perfect addition to any room! We can design them to suit your taste and décor. With years of service we offer custom-cut and other custom mirror solutions for your home. We can install almost any mirror you desire.

We're ready to help whether you're taking on a new project or replacing old/broken mirrors

Why Choose Custom Mirrors?

Create depth and the illusion of space

By placing mirrors in strategic locations you can make small spaces appear more open and inviting. This is done by reflecting the walls, ceiling and natural light from the mirrors.

Some options we offer are: mirrored walls to make cramped or small hallways seem longer. Mirrored backsplash to create depth and a creative flair in the kitchen. Statement mirrors above a fireplace, couch or headboard.


Do you have art or glass décor you would love to showcase? Highlight it with custom mirrors! Available in a variety of tints, edges and finishes!

Some options we offer are: Mirrored shelves to give a 360-degree view of antiques, collectibles or art sculptures. Hanging mirrors direct natural light to illuminate your favorite art.

Enhance natural light

Natural and artificial light spread throughout your home with the help of mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors. Rooms or hallways without windows can use mirrors in the right place to illuminate a dark area.

Some options we offer are: Mounted mirrors to magnify illumination from lamps or other light sources. Mirrors in the bedroom reflect natural light from windows or light from lamps to brighten the room.

Dress to impress

Hallways, bedrooms and entryways are great places for full-length mirrors. Check yourself top to bottom before leaving the house.

Where Should I Install Custom Mirrors?

There are no set locations that mirrors can be installed. They can be installed in every room from the bathroom to the kitchen and every room in between!

Some examples are:

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Bathroom mirrors

  • Vanity mirrors

  • Behind couches

  • Above fireplaces

  • Behind custom shelving

  • In narrow hallways or staircases

  • Behind buffets

  • In dining rooms

  • As a backsplash in bathrooms or kitchens

  • Bedroom headboard




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